Saturday, December 19, 2009

Then Comes the "NEW" Stove!!!

We've been here for 7 years, and have had 2 stoves prior to the new one. The 2 previous stoves were old, refurbished stoves. My ladylady had all the best intentions by keeping with the almond type color, and providing us with a working stove. Well, the 2nd one stopped working almost immediately, but she's such an incredible landlady- that I didn't want to burden her.
When I'd use the stovetop, the burners would stay very hot when turned all the way down, which would burn my food, it would take forever for water to boil, and I once tried baking a 38 minute cake, only to continue baking it for over 4 hours with cold batter throughout the cake.
My boyfriend, Gabe, started looking on Craigslist for a stove, and we hit the jackpot!
Here's Ol' Unreliable:

And here is the new stove (below):

Nevermind the walls, that's a work-in-progress that definately has some before and after pictures to share! I'll be getting to that soon! Actually the stove is the only focus, nevermind anything in the picture, as I will be blogging about what you may or may not see, LOL!

I have never had a glasstop stove before, but let me just say: LOVIN' IT! I have NOT burnt any food (which was by way of the old stove- certainly not an error on my part LOL), water boils in a matter of seconds, and food actually COOKS in the oven! The first time I made chicken tenders and they came out sizzling, I was in awe! The food seriously tastes better too! Our first weekend with it, I whipped up a batch of brownies, and they were just the right consistency, baked all the way through, and over all delicious!

At this point we weren't so much concerned at getting an almond color stove or the like, considering the fact that last year she purchased a white fridge for our kitchen. Our only concern was that it WORKED! Of course it didn't hurt that it looked good too *wink*!

This inspired my kitchen color pallet: black, white, gray and yellow. Rather than making the yellow sink and range hood stick out like a sore thumb, I've decided to incorporate them into the color scheme (there really was no style or anything before, things were just slapped together).

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