Sunday, December 20, 2009

Custom Inexpensive Earring Holder!

I was searching for inexpensive ways to organize, and one thing that desperately needed organizing was my earrings. They could have been found all over the house, shoved in the bathroom drawers, in various bags, even glove departments of the cars. Now of course this won't prevent the earrings from being stashed somewhere other than where they should be, but one never knows!
I saw a tip where someone suggested cross stitch fabric and a frame. Well I am trying to save my frames for other things, but was completely planning on going to the craft store the night of the find. I was surprised with a trip to my local Goodwill, where low and behold was a roll of cross stitch cloth for .99! It was half off of that, so I purchased it for .49!
I had been super busy organizing my bathroom drawers, so by the time it was 2am, I just wanted to head to bed. BUT, I wanted to finish what I started.
So I got my earrings together, donated what I couldn't see using anymore, trashed others, and got out the cloth. Now honestly, I thought I had A LOT more earrings than what ended up being displayed on the cloth.

Materials and Cost:
* Cross stitch cloth- .49
* Fishing line as sewing thread- on hand
* Plastic hanger- on hand
(later added--->) * no skid rug mat for backing- on hand

Basically this project was like 52 cents!

Here's what I did:
I unrolled the entire cloth, wrapped an end around the hanger, and sewed the end to the hanger for extra support. I displayed my earrings spaced out, in pairs. I later added no skid rug mat (which is pretty much the foamy drawer liner stuff). I added the backing because I have the earring holder on my bedroom door, and everytime I opened and closed it- the earrings would make scuffing noises til they settled down from moving back and forth.

Please excuse my sewing. It was my first time in like 6 years, and it was 3:30am, I was sooo tired. Plus I had half the earrings on right close together, all on one side opposite of where I was sewing- so it took all of my tension and messed up my hem line. LOL Had there not been any earrings on the cloth, it would have ran smoothly!

This makes my earrings so much more accessible and I can actually SEE what I have for earrings!
To attach the no skid quieter to the back, I cut it to the size of the cloth and attached it with safety pins.
I'm really not too concerned with the look of it, I was looking for the function it provided.

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