Sunday, December 20, 2009

INEXPENSIVE, NO SEW, iPod Docking Station Dust Cover:

This was so simple, a Caveman could do it!
I have a black iPod Docking station/ alarm clock for my iPod Touch and it collects dust like you wouldn't believe! I got tired of dusting it practically everyday, and put this together in a matter of moments.
I used my .75 fat fabric quarter from Mardens. Mardens is a discount store, with many locations throughout Maine. They carry closeout store items at a discounted rate.
I planned on using these as curtains in my kitchen, but my boyfriend didn't like that the backside was white while the front was black.
I loved the fabric too much to just let it sit there. Believe me, I have many projects in mind for it!

Basically I cut the fabric to the size I wanted to cover it. With the back of the fabric facing up, I folded the edges, ironed the crease, got out my trusty hem tape, put the hem tape rough side down up against the crease, and ironed down the crease for 3 seconds sealing the tape. I flipped the fabric over (and did NOT clean off the glue on the iron so I did get some glue on the nice side of the fabric--- ALWAYS make sure your iron is free of glue residue before ironing the nice side of the fabric). Then I ironed the sides to lay flat to each side of the docking station, and viola! A custom cover with beautiful fabric for not even 22 cents!

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