Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Inexpensive Monogrammed Refridgerator Magnet Craft!

I purchased a magnetic "C" from Target in the $1.00 isle. It was NOT the colors I was doing my kitchen in. My kitchen is black, white, gray and yellow. I wanted a simple pattern since my refridgerator used to be so chaotic with random magnets. I then found some scrapbook paper at Targe... 8 sheets for .99! I actually didn't think that many sheets were in there, as I fell in love with the first pattern I saw and grabbed it specifically for that one piece, so that was a BONUS! I then went to buy Mod Podge, as I had seen everyone use it around Blogspot. I priced it, wasn't too sold on the price, then decided to get the little bottle of Puzzle Mod Podge. I am glad I did! That stuff worked beautifully!

MAGNET SIZE IS: 6" TALL BY 5 1/2" WIDE- It's fairly large.

BEFORE: Preschool-ish ABCs:

AFTER: More Mature Decor:
(PS Usually I recommend clicking on the picture to blow them up and look at the details, I'd rather you not with this one, LOL, as this was my first attempt and I am incredibly rusty! LOL But from far back it looks GREAT! I mean, if you want to, there's no stopping you, LOL)

Supplies and Costs:

Monogram Magnet from Target's Dollar Isle- $1.00
Scrapbook Paper from Target- .99 for 8 pieces!
Mod Podge- $4 ?? from WalMart
Black Perminant Marker- had on hand for mess ups
Exacto Knife- had on hand

Trace around magnet onto the paper and cut with a knife (or scizzors)- it's alright to leave ends hanging off, as you can touch them up later... as a hairstylists rule of thumb: It's better to leave more than to take too much off and not be able to fix it. I FORGOT to go around the ends of the visible side with the black marker (incase I cut to close and exposed the blue--- and boy oh boy do I know myself, as I did just that)!
Rub your Mod Podge onto the colored side of the letter and position the cut out paper. Press on it, and cut around any edges that are hanging off.
I know people use Mod Podge and/ or a glossy sealant to the tops, but I didn't- and it's totally fine without it.

Total price was about $1. 14!
I am very happy with my results!!

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