Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Jazzy Jacobean wall graphic that got the decorating started!

I've been renting a trailer (constructed around the 1950s) for 7 years. The trailer has original real oak paneling, laminated sparkly gold and white kitchen walls, and some weird textured bathroom walls. We aren't able to make many changes to this place, so I started brainstorming on what I could do to make this house our home.
I ran across RoomMates Peel and Stick wall decals when looking for peel and stick wall border.
I saw the Jazzy Jacobean and fell in love with it!
The peel and stick wall decals do not have a sticky residue, are removable, you can wipe them down, and more.
I called customer service and asked if they truthfully had complaints about them NOT sticking to wood panel walls, and she gave it a glowing review. I also read online reviews, and the reviews were great as well.
I was SOLD!
I called my local Lowes because the RoomMates site said they were a local dealer. It wasn't something they had in stock, but could order it and send it to my house UPS Red with NO SHIPPING CHARGE what-so-ever! It showed up within in a couple days... and I let it sit.

I finally got the ambition to put it together, because each flower, stem and leaf are individually cut to where you can place them how you please. I loved how RoomMates had their display set up, so I went for it!
I was very happy to see that there was more brown and gold in it than pictured, it blended with the wall very nicely, even though the Jacobean looks pretty white in my picture, it really isn't.
I was afraid this wouldn't stick to my wood paneling with the grooves and all, but it stuck better than expected!
Several hours later, LOL, and here's the final result! I think it says it'll take 40 minutes to put up... WRONG!! LOL

The total cost was $20.00 even, they don't even charge tax! I am very happy with this purchase!

(you may click the picture to enlarge it and see the detail, but I must warn you, that light switch is being changed out or covered very soon).

I plan on getting different graphics for other rooms!

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  1. Hi Kati! I just came across your post and loved your description of the decorating process. It's so nice to see pictures of the end result! And of course, we're glad to see you're happy with the decal :)

    Feel free to post this on our Facebook page, everyone would love to see it!





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