Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's the Little Things that Make a Big Difference- [Thrifty Finds]- New Sink(s)!

The Plumber finally came and changed out our bathroom sink and our kitchen faucet!
We originally purchased a Peerless faucet from Goodwill, brand new never used for $7.00. Our Plumber insulted it at first because he heard how much we spent, then he saw it and was like, "WOW, this is a really good brand, this is normally really expensive!" We had this rusty circle thing on the kitchen sink that he said he'd put a sprayer in place of it. Well, the faucet we bought wasn't equiped to handle a sprayer, so he drilled a hole in it and ruined it. So he ran to the hardware store and picked up a cheap replacement-  cheaper brand than the Peerless. *sad face* The faucet neck is not as tall as what we had chosen, but whatever.

Here's the Kitchen:

"after" faucet with sprayer:

Here's the Bathroom below:

Here you'll see a few transformations that I'll blog about in time.

This is the nasty "before" with the ugly rotting pink sink with nasty hardware on the sink.

getting better, still stuck with the pink sink. I changed out the hardware and put these funky placemats in the grate- this is an AWFUL picture of the placemats but we're just focusing on the sink for a moment, LOL

AND FINALLY! much better, just need to clean up the Plumbers ugly dingy colored caulking and get my green toothbrush out of the picture. Ewww, I just saw that my bar of soap is stained up cause the Plumber used it! LOL at him, cause he doesn't know what I use that bar of soap for!!

My boyfriend and I bought the faucet from Goodwill- never used, still in it's box, for $13.00! It has the words "hot" and "cold" on each handle.
Man I should have staged the set rather than quickly snapping a picture after he left. Normally my soap dispenser is faced out and toothbrushes and lotion are put away. 

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  1. HI, Kati, thanks for stopping by & chiming in with your ideas and inspiration. Best to you on your remodeling too.



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