Monday, June 21, 2010

Holiday Maryland Trip- THRIFTY FINDS!

This Winter we went to Maryland to our usual thrift stores, and even found a couple new ones.
Now in my collage, I have a few items from Savers in Massachussets, but they are still my holiday thrifty finds. I also have some Ollies and Cracker Barrel purchases in there too.

And here they are:

* brown and black balls: $3.00 total Salvation Army
* placemat 1 and 2: .39 each Ollies
* Halloween placemat: .69 Edgewood Thrift
* BOO candle holders: 2 different places one was $1.00 the other was a little more
* silver frame: Salvation Army
* Christmas Birds: Christmas clearance at Cracker Barrel .30 each
* my favorite find the tan bird: .49 Salvation Army
* Pottery Barn vase: marked .99 but half off: .49!


* Pier 1 mug: .49 Savers
* Tree picture from Target at Edgewood Thrift for $1.00
* Dominoes: Goodwill $1.99
* Counting Birds wall art- another favorite find! All 10 birds there for $1.99 retails for $20.00+
* gold tree: .49 Goodwill
* brass deer: another favorite find: $1.00 a piece! Goodwill


* Strawberry Shortcake glass: .49 Salvation Army
* lamp: $1.50 Goodwill (shade is currently on something else)
* Skull & crossbone comforter set at AJ Wright around $20.00 can't really remember how much we spent
* long box: $3.00 clearance at AJ Wright
* another favorite find: green chair: $1.00 at Goodwill! I was going to spray paint it ORB and change out the cushion, now I think I'll leave it the way it is!
* bell wreath: $1.00 Savers
* gold bird and PEACE sign: .20 each at Cracker Barrel on clearance
* Snow filled JOKE ornaments: .20 Cracker Barrel


* Tall wooden stand: $10.00 Salvation Army
* another favorite find! artificial Bonsai Tree! My picture doesn't do it justice, but WOW: $6.00 Goodwill
* again I am awful at taking pictures, the next artifical plant: $3.93 at Edgewood Thrift, I may have paid half of that... if you look in the Ballard Design catalog- you'll see the same exact one on their shelf!
* Laptop lap thingy: $6.96?? Edgewood Thrift
* Butterfly Mugs: $.99 both at Edgewood Thrift
* Mikasa LAL12 Botanique by Nancy Green gray and white china $3.94 4 mint condition plates- Edgewood Thrift (sadly will be selling these at my yardsale or may eat off of them- was originally going to hang them on my walls)
* IKEA long black candle holder: 1.00 Goodwill
Large red vase: .99 Salvation Army
* Black and White mug: .49 Edgewood Thrift


* thought this was a regular frame for $.99 got home and it was a digital frame that you plug into your computer!! Salvation Army

* Cool looking Christmas tree: not sure what it's made of, he thinks you put Hershey kisses on the nooks: $1.00 Goodwill
* Leaf candle holder: bought 2 not sure which one is pictured, $1.50 and $2.00
* Mirror with shutters: $3.00 Goodwill


And last but not least, here is our Forester packed all the way to the top. Ohhh did I forget to mention there were tons of car parts in there too from his local junkyard scavenging. I got to sit with my feet in one rim, and two in my lap for 7 hours, LOL!


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  1. You never know where a great find and a good buy will be. You got some treasures and I am sure you had fun.

  2. Ok you are sure are keeping me on my toes here tonight:) Did I mention I love Halloween....and I eye spied some good stuff...the last post had those cute wire pumpkins and now I see this post more cute stuff. And look more dishes! Where do you put all this. I bet you will have yourself a good garage sale soon:) Thanks again for linking up...I just love it all!!~

  3. You found a lot of really great stuff!



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