Thursday, February 4, 2010

Butterfly Wall Art for the Kitchen:

I have been searching for artwork, and I don't know why, considering I am a heck of an artist, even so, I couldn't find anything I liked as of yet, so I made some pictures for the encasing part of my cabinets that surround my sink.

I purchased 2 identical stainless steel/ chrome picture frames for .99 a piece at the Salvation Army.
I used 4 translucent, reuseable butterfly stickers (the same style of the ones for the range hood)- From The Dollar Tree, and 2 different shades of yellow construction paper.

I alternated the dark yellow and light yellow rectangles that I cut out to slide behind the picture frame glass, one frame had dark yellow in the top square, one frame had the dark yellow in the bottom square. From there I stuck the butterfly decals on the glass, with the largest butterfly that fit onto the glass on the darker yellow.

This whole project cost me about $2.62 for two beautifully framed pictures that matched my kitchen decor perfectly!
Sorry AGAIN, for my poor photography, I will post better pictures this week.
(feel free to click on the pictures to enlarge them)

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